The delay to Episode 2 of The Wolf Among Us has been bad. Real bad. The first episode was released back in October of last year, which is a whopping three months ago. But Telltale has at least promised (as much as they ever promise) that Episode 2 will be released in the first week of February.

With that in mind, the developer has squeezed out a couple more screenshots from the upcoming installment. Bigby isn’t taking up cricket this time, or, if he is, it’s to smack the Woodsman around a bit. Mysterious aristocrat Bluebeard is in on the interrogation too, for some reason.

In the other image, Beast is getting a little up close and personal with our favourite sheriff. Pretty sure there’s someĀ The Wolf Among Us fan art out there to that effect too.

the wolf among us episode 2 (2)

the wolf among us episode 2 (1)

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