the wolf among us episode 3

Telltale have revealed that the third episode of The Wolf Among Us, titled The Crooked Mile, will hit on 8 April. That’s next Tuesday, calendar fans.

Being that The Crooked Mile is the third episode of Telltale’s Fables series, though, it’s kinda hard to actually say anything about what it’s likely to include without massively spoiling the last two episodes… so, uh, I won’t. It’ll probably be quite good! I’m looking forward to it! The other episodes were decent! It’s almost certainly going to star Bigby Wolf! And, uh… Flycatcher is in it! Yay!

Okay, yeah, I give up. You can have a look at the trailer for the third episode over here, or you can just think “Well, it’ll probably be about three to four hours long, so maybe I don’t want to watch something that’ll probably show off a few of the episode’s major plot points and scenes a week before it’s due out” and not click that link.

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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 Has a Release Date

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