The latest big shooter, Wolfenstein: The New Order was released a few days ago and has been well received. The game may be very popular but the developers probably aren’t to pleased about the fact it has been illegally downloaded over 1000,000 times.

TorrentFreak reported that the game had been downloaded over 1000,000 times which is no small feat considering the game is over 43GB. It has been rumoured that the game has a lot of unused files so that it will deter people from illegally downloading it but that’s just a rumour for now.

Although the game is being heavily downloaded, it seems the large size of the game is putting off some players. The comment section had comments like “I have to uninstall like 10 games to play this sh*t!!” and “I was gonna get this torrent but I saw the size and how long it would take me to download it, I said f*ck it I’m getting it from Steam. Took me 2 hours to download 40GB including the day one update.”

Source: VG24/7

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