Wolfenstein: The New Order has Team Fortress 2 pre-order items

wolfenstein the new order team fortress 2

Good or bad news for Team Fortress 2 obsessives (depending on their current cash-flow,) Wolfenstein: The New Order comes with some collectibles. The game is available to pre-order on Steam now, and comes with a pair of TF2 items.

Said items are “Die Regime-Panzerung” which google insists is “the regime armour,” and “Der Maschinensoldaten-Helm” which you’ve probably figured out is “the machine soldier’s helmet.” Both are in evidence in the promotional art shown above.

Of course, it’s not all TF2 stuff with the pre-order. You also get Wolfenstein: The New Order. Obviously. There’s also guaranteed entry into the “upcoming” (upcoming when is anybody’s guess) Doom beta. That’s the fourth Doom, but they seem to have gone back to the original name for it.

If you missed the semi-recent Wolfenstein trailer in which our hero BJ Blazkowicz plays a weird game on a train with a lady named Frau Engel, you can watch that here.


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