September 5th, 2017

Wolfenstein: The New Order PC reviews delayed, please stand by

Wolfenstein The New Order - 03
No review yet, but you can find out if his wrinkles are realistically shaded later today.

If you’re wondering where the PC reviews are for Wolfenstein: The New Order, we can tell you! They’re not happening yet.

We’ve been informed that, due to an unforeseen problem with getting keys sorted, there were no pre-release copies available on PC. While we (and, presumably, everyone else) have been provided with codes for the game, said codes only actually activated when the game went live. Which is now. So… yeah, you’re probably not going to see any PC reviews just yet.

That doesn’t mean we won’t be covering Wolfenstein: The New Order, though. Later today – when my computer finally finishes downloading the FORTY-FIVE GIGABYTE behemoth – I’ll be posting up some early impressions, detailing both what I reckon of the early bits of the game, and how the PC port handles. Are there graphic options? Does it have all the resolutions? Is the FOV slider sufficiently slidey? I shall endeavour to answer all of these questions, and probably a few more. We’ll obviously also have a full review at some point; depending on the length of the game, that might go live anywhere between Wednesday to Friday. It might even slip to next week if things are busy, but I’ll happily pull a couple of late nights to try to get it to you sooner.

Normally, not getting pre-release code sets alarm bells ringing that the publisher is trying to evade negative reviews. In this case, though, the level of transparency we’ve had from everyone involved (and the fact that review copies were available for the console versions) leads me to believe that there’s nothing shady going on here and this is the result of a genuine issue with keys. That said, I’d obviously suggest you at least wait for the early impressions piece before rushing out to spend your £34.99. While you wait, maybe have a look at the darkly amusing launch trailer.


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