Chris McDonough, Senior Producer on CCP’s World of Darkness MMO, has updated the community on the state of the game following company staff reductions.
    McDonough suggests that “The core of the game and it’s features are mostly unaffected” by the changes and adds “we are slowing progress until DUST ships so that [CCP] are not focusing on too many things”.
    The team had hired staff with the intent to be “production ready” at this point in time, but due to employees working on Eve Online instead, that hasn’t proved to be the case.
    “The World of Darkness team has spent significant time working on Eve over the last 2 years and much of the tech we were going to use was delayed while to company focused on flying in space features,” McDonough says.
    He’s quick to prevent anyone blaming Eve for the problems surrounding World of Darkness however, noting that “the ONLY reason there is a World of Darkness MMO coming at all is because of Eve”.
    So, in a suitably Halloween-themed conclusion, the vampires can’t be killed that easily.
    Source: wodnews.net

    Paul Younger
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