World of Goo Price Dropped To Anything

In honour of World of Goo’s first birthday, developer 2D Boy is allowing curious gamers to purchase the full version for any price they like.”World of Goo just turned one year old!” reads the official site. “For this week… pay whatever you think it’s worth,” with the regular price being $20 USD.World of Goo is an absolutely smashing physics-based puzzle game, available on Wii, Mac, and PC – the latter, via Windows and Linux. Until 19 October, you can pay as much or as little as you like for the Mac or PC versions, from $0.01 USD right up to, ooh, the biggest number you can think of. Which in my case is about $342 GBP, but then I never said I was good at maths. And to clarify, this offer appears to be open globally, but the cash transfers look to take place in USD.2D Boy’s Ron Carmel spoke out against DRM at the Game Developers Conference earlier this year, stating that “It’s a waste of time. You just end up giving the DRM provider money. Anything that is of interest gets cracked, and the cracked version ends up being a better user experience than the legit version because you don’t have to input in some 32-character serial number.”This latest offer seems to show evidence that 2D Boy is all about the consumer’s experience – and having played World of Goo extensively, I can add that the games are all about that too.Go buy it, sharpish. It’s brilliant.

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