Lovers of French tanks, your time is now. The latest update to World of Tanks (7.4, if you’re keeping count) bulks out le ranks with “Seven French long range SPGs including Renault BS, Lorraine 39 L AM, AMX 105 AM, AMX-13 F3 AM, Lorraine 155 (50), Lorraine 155 (51) and Bat. Chatillon 155”. I have no idea what half of that means, but presumably players of World of Tanks will.
In addition to all that Frenchness, 7.4 brings two new game modes to the title. ‘Encounter Battle’ sees two sides fighting over one base, while ‘Assault’ pits attacker and defender against one another (but gives the attackers better combat capabilities).
“We are proud to introduce two unique game modes, which could be really exciting and challenging for those who prefer complicated combat assignments,” says World of Tanks producer Mike Zhivets as he peers through his binoculars at the battlefield before him.
But wait there’s more; two brand new maps entitled Widepark (a badly burned German town) and Airfield (an … airfield, in North Africa).


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