September 5th, 2017

World of Tanks 8.11 update live with new Confrontation mode

World of Tanks

World of Tanks has expanded today with a new game mode called Confrontation in the 8.11 update.

The new mode gives players the opportunity to team up as nations and take on their foes. Each team is matched up based on the vehicle types selected by each team so games are balanced.

Wargaming to highlight the fact that the game still needs to be balanced for this new mode so don’t be surprised if your team gets out-gunned at the moment. This mode is really in its experimental stage.

Key points to note on Confrontation include:

  • The probability of playing “Confrontation” is the same as for “Encounter” or “Assault”.
  • The game maps available in “Confrontation” are the same as in any standard battle.
  • The new battle type will be open for all vehicle tiers.
  • Teams in “Confrontation” are built by nations. Battles cannot be fought by two teams built from vehicles of the same nation. For example, a French vehicle team can battle against the British, Americans, Germans or Soviets, but not against another team of French vehicles.
  • The Chinese and Japanese nations are excluded from this battle type. The reason is that these nations do not have all vehicle types available.
  • The new battle type can be played in platoons, provided that all platoon members are driving vehicles of the same nation (excluding China and Japan).
  • This battle type can be manually disabled in the game settings menu, just like the “Assault” and “Encounter” battle types.

While the Confrontation mode is a major addition to the game, 8.11 also brings a new European winter battle arena, Windstorm, revamped version of Ruinberg, now featuring rainfall and fires, and a reworked Himmelsdorf with a winter setting.

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