World of Tanks 8.7 lands on test servers

World of Tanks

Assuming you have a World of Tanks account registered bef0re 20 June,  you can start testing the 8.7 update today for the tank rumbler in Europe.

The update, which will roll out at some point in the future, includes a new British SPG line and a new winter map called Belogorsk-19. There are of course a couple of new vehicles to take for a spin and a few bug fixes to boot. The patch notes for this version are as follows.

 New British SPG line:

  • Tier II – Loyd Gun Carriage
  • Tier III – Birch Gun
  • Tier IV – Sexton II
  • Tier V – Bishop
  • Tier VI – Crusader 5.5-in. SP
  • Tier VII – FV304
  • Tier VIII – FV207
  • Tier IX – FV3805
  • Tier X – Conqueror Gun Carriage

New Map
‘Belogorsk-19’ is a new winter map resembling Eastern European landscape. It introduces mostly open spaces, but there are also some buildings and facilities around the map which can be used as cover.

New Vehicles

  • MT-25 – this Soviet tier VI light tank will replace the T-50-2. After the patch, owners of the T-50-2 will have it replaced with the new vehicle.
  • E-25 –German tier VII Premium tank destroyer


  • Rebalanced the tank T-50 (the detailed list of changes will be prepared before the patch release).
  • Added changes to the “Assault” mode on the map Malinovka

Fixes and improvements

  • Reworked the maps “Highway” and “Port” for the new render
  • Reworked and adjusted some special effects
  • Fixed several destructible objects, which significantly slow down the speed of the tank
  • Fixed and improved visual models of some ambient objects
  • Fixed some bugs in the team balance system, which appeared after the release of the update 0.8.6
  • Extended the list of names and surnames of crew members of all nations
  • The voice message ‘We’ve got them’ replaced with ‘Armour is penetrated!’
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