World Of Tanks creators to bring F2P FPS Caliber to the west, well known for World of Tanks, is bringing their free-to-play FPS Caliber to the west. Expect a beta soon.

Wargaming announced Caliber at the end of December 2016, with alpha testing beginning in 2017. After rigorous testing in CIS countries, they will unveil the game to western audiences at Gamescom 2019. It is likely that players will be able to try out the game in closed beta before it goes fully free-to-play.

Caliber is a multiplayer FPS actually developed by 1C Company, with handling the publishing. Players will have four classes of special operations troops – “operators” – to choose from: assault, medic, support, and sniper. You can probably guess what abilities each of them has. The operators are based on various special forces groups from around the world, like Polish Grom or the US Seals.


Fights are quite small in caliber (hur hur)

If the Google translation of the Russian wiki page is to be believed, Caliber sets up 4 vs 4 fights in a variety of interactive maps. So expect an experience closer to Rainbow Six Siege (with a lot less environmental destruction) than Call of Duty. The game also has a PvE mode, where player operators will face-off against hordes of nondescript AI militants.

Aside from the operator abilities, each class in Caliber has its own load-outs. The game creators are cooperating with Russian arms manufacturers, so expect to see some the region’s finest and greatest. Overall, the player will be able to choose a primary, secondary, and special weapon, as well as five pieces of gear: helmet, armor, uniform, boots, and gloves.  Expect to see drones, mines, and armored shields appearing in your matches as well.

Any player who wants a chance to get a crack at Caliber’s beta or early access is encouraged to sign up for the newsletter on the official Caliber website. While the full release date is unknown, we can expect to learn more during Gamescom.

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