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World of Tanks developers share details of new features coming in 2014

World of Tanks

Wargaming are back with a new devlopment update video which looks at features coming to their popular free to play tank title World of Tanks.

The video covers new game modes and features such as Fortifications which will be given to all clans in the game. Insides these Fortifications clans will be able to construct buildings to receive special bonuses which will cost currency obtained from fighting other clans. It sounds quite complex but it will add an element of strategy gameplay to WoT with the ability to call in bombers or install pillboxes which will act as additional artillery forces.

Historical battles are being tweaked as the dev team found it hard to make them realistic and balanced due to all the different tank types. In the new system they’ve devised, each team will have a selection of “main” heavy vehicles and a larger number of lighter support vehicles. These lighter tanks will respawn into the battle after they have been destroyed. Wargaming say that with these changes players will experience “aggressive tank battles”.

Garage battle mode will be coming at the end of the year and players will “roll out” one vehicle after another as they are destroyed. Wargaming are looking at two versions of this game mode and you can find out more by watching the full video below.