Get ready World of Tanks players and fans, you are about to get up and close with some of the tanks you control in the game in real life.  World of Tanks will be offering ‘Tank Saturday’ at The Ontario Regiment RCAC Museum Oshawa, ON Canada on Saturday, October 13.

This is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity for fans to see these things for what might be the first time ever outside the game.  You will get to experience the sounds, smells and thrills of these real tanks as they are demonstrated in their very own Tank Arena.  Attendees can also watch a simulated Tank Battle  which is sponsored by Wargaming.net “World of Tanks – Battle Royal”

Check out the amazing promo video below:

You can also tour the museum and see artifacts, uniforms, and weapons which cover over 150 years of Canadian military history. Military vehicle rides are available to the public throughout the day.

Screen Shot 2018 09 04 At 11.08.20 Pm

The Ontario Regiment RCAC Museum

Prices are as follows :

Screen Shot 2018 09 04 At 11.05.45 Pm

For more information check out The Ontario Regiment RCAC Museum website. Let us know if you plan on checking this out. Stay tuned for our coverage on this next month.

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