World of Tanks to get browser-based ‘Generals’ spin-off is looking to expand its World of Tanks empire into the realm of the free-to-play browser game with World of Tanks Generals. This spin-off title will seek to combine aspects of real-time strategy and collectible card games (to the extent that the game will actually be available as a physical card-based strategy board game too).

World Of Tanks Generals will merge the worlds of tabletop and video games, featuring solid mechanics, strategic thinking and tactical twists in a fun, approachable way,” says CEO Victor Kislyi, while pushing some troops around a gigantic map of the world.

At launch, the game will feature four nations: the US, France, Germany and the USSR. Both single and multiplayer game modes will be available, allowing players to “join battles taken from historical events, fight for dominance on a global map and destroy the competition”.

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