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World of Warcraft 2024 Roadmap: Classic and regular, explained

Roadmaps revealed.

WoW is now nearing one of the busiest years we’ve seen in terms of content with both Classic, Season of Discovery, and Retail having their roadmaps announced. We’ll dive into all the incoming updates so you can stay in the loop for when you should play World of Warcraft.

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WoW Retail Roadmap 2024 Explained

The roadmaps Blizzard has been releasing for future content have been much needed for the community, as players can now view when The War Within is released in Alpha, Beta, and full release.

Blizzard is committed to maintaining the flow of content up until the brand-new DLC, and this comes in the form of patches 10.2.5 and 10.2.7 for Dragonflight. The latter will commence Season 4 of Dragonflight, focusing on a new Mythic+ season alongside Fated Raids.

Other notable dates throughout the year include The War Within Alpha, kicking off sometime before the Spring, with the full Beta beginning around the Summer. The War Within will also begin the World Soul Saga, a period in WoW where we’ll see three expansions in a row connected through one unified story.

This news was announced during Blizzcon 2023 and is spearheaded by Chris Metzen, a beloved figurehead within the community.

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Image: Blizzard Entertainment

While we aren’t sure about the exact dates, it’s good to see what’s in the pipeline for players going into 2024, especially the onset of The War Within.

We’re also interested in when The War Within is released, and as the timeline notes, it’ll be around late summer, which could be the end of August into September, something we’ve seen before during expansions such as Battle for Azeroth.

WoW Classic Roadmap 2024 Explained

Moving onto Classic and Season of Discovery, the two are getting a metric ton of content throughout the year, including the long-awaited level caps for SoD.

Further content included the eventual release of WoW Classic Cataclysm, along with the new additions to Hardcore Classic, which Blizzard has noted it’ll be adding a “Solo Self Found” option for players to use.

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

New Runes are also being added during the Spring update for SoD, and this should revamp some of the classes we have within the game currently, alongside giving players more content to dive into.

Overall, we’re pretty amped about the roadmaps for 2024 for World of Warcraft, and there’s a ton to be excited about if you’re a WoW fan, or are looking to get into the game for the first time. Now is no better time to try out Warcraft, as there are more options than ever before for any content to check out.

If you’re interested in checking out all the other WoW content we have to offer, be sure to head over here for more news.

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