Blizzard has released another round of screenshots from the upcoming expansion for World of Warcraft, Cataclysm. These pics appear to show images from several zones and even the odd instance; We see Mulgore where the infected boars from Razorfen are causing havok near to the Tauren starting area. There’s also a pic of Stonetalon Mountains, showing an Ancient of War guarding the entrance to a Night elf enclosure, presumably a new area, since it’s different from what’s in the zone right now. Moving on, there are screens of the newly terraformed Azshara and another part of Stonetalon, as well as a very nice pic of the new Orgrimmar. There’s also a glimpse of the inside of Uldum, the Halls of Origination. Check them all out below:   As always, drop by our WoW channel for all the latest news on the game.

    Paul Younger
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