World of Warcraft EU price hikes start in April

World of Warcraft EU price hikes start in April

Blizzard is set to increase prices on certain World of Warcraft items and services starting on 5 April.

These WoW price hikes follow recent Hearthstone price increases which were announced last month. Blizzard says the increases, or “adjustments” as they like to call them, are being put in place due to “regional market conditions”.

Below are the updated prices which if you’re in the UK are a couple of pounds extra on most things. These can be compared to the current EU prices.

Price from Apr 5 – EuroPrice from Apr 5 – GBP
Name Change€10£9
WoW TokenNo change£17
Character Transfer€25£19
Race Change€25£19
Premium Mounts€30£27
Pet & Mount Bundle€30£27
Faction Change€30£27
Guild Transfer€35£30
Guild Faction Change€40£35
Character Transfer & Faction Change€55£46
Character Boost€60£49
Guild Transfer & Faction Change€65£55

We would like to blame this on Brexit and the current USD/GPB currency rate but that might be going a little far. It looks like Blizzard simply wants to increase the prices because all of these are really just automated services.

Let’s face it, the prices were already pretty steep. If WoW players keep using these services then prices will keep being “adjusted”. Milky, milky.

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