Last month Blizzard revealed they would be introducing a new RealID party system to World of Warcraft, and now testing has begun.
Playing with your real friends is always better and Blizzard is about to make things easier for WoW players wanting to go raiding with friends. The upcoming RealID party system will enable players to invire their RealId friends to dungeons no matter which realm they are playing on.
This new system caused a bit of a debate when it was announced because it is going to be part of a premium package, in other words you have to pay a little more each month to take advantage of it. This is on top of the monthly subscription. There will however be enough WoW players wanting to take Blizzard up on their offer but it will more than likely only be the die-hard raiders.
To announce the testing process, Blizzard also released an FAQ.
Q: Do all party members need to have Real ID enabled to accept group invites?

A: Yes, all party members must have Real ID enabled and be Real ID friends to accept group invites or initiate group invites.
Q: Can a party leader invite a mix of Real ID friends, character-level friends, guildmates, or random players to the same party?

A: A party leader can invite any combination of Real ID friends from any realm, guildmates from the same realm, or other characters from the same realm to the same party. If the party leader isn’t able to fill up the entire party, the Dungeon Finder can fill in the missing roles.
Q: Can I invite someone who is not a Real ID friend?

A: You can only invite members to a party if they are on your Real ID friends list or if they are on the same realm as you are.
Q: Can I invite a friend of a Real ID friend?

A: No, you can only invite those who are Real ID friends with you directly to the party.
Q: How long will the testing period last?

A: We haven’t yet determined how long the testing period will last. We’ll keep you updated on the status and inform you when the test period is going to end in the future.
Q: Will aspects of the Real ID Party system be premium-based?

A: We’ll have information on the premium-based aspects of the Real ID Party system toward the end of the testing period.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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