World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Pre Patch

It’s been over two years since the Battle of Azeroth expansion released for World of Warcraft. Fans unfortunately have to continue waiting for Shadowlands, but the delay won’t affect the pre-patch for World of Warcraft. On October 13, many of the changes meant for Shadowlands will go live in the existing game.

Blizzard has a lot planned for its iconic MMO, but the latest Survival Guide video should help you make sense of things. You will definitely want to watch this video in full and explore more of the patch notes if you’re hardcore into WoW, but here are the highlights for the pre-patch.

As with all WoW expansions, you should expect a change to the power level meta. In this case, levels will actually be reduced for all of your characters. It sounds like Blizzard is cutting the level cap in half and reducing everyone down to level 50 for the start of Shadowlands. You will then be able to work your way back up to 60 through familiar leveling methods. Don’t worry to much about getting knocked down to a lower level though. Blizzard believes the leveling experience will be quicker with the many changes it has made to the game. Enemy levels will also be appropriately rescaled for the new level system.

Be yourself

Extensive customization is all the rage in most games these days, too. If you pride yourself in looking unique, fear not. The Shadowlands pre-patch will introduce an entirely new level of freedom and more appearance options to World of Warcraft. You will be able to change your player’s gender, give yourself cool tattoos, and even expose your bones to world as an undead character. To access the character editor, head over the in-game barbershop.

World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Pre Patch Character Customization

Also take note that your corrupted gear will be cleansed to make way for new, powerful gear. Specifically, the special stats will be removed. You won’t be able to earn corrupted gear anymore, either. If you have any last seasonal tasks to carry out, you have one week to do so.

Blizzard is also excellent about providing detailed news about specific aspects of its game. To ensure you don’t miss anything about what mounts are coming and going or what challenges you need to complete before Season 4 ends, stop by the official website.

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