World of Warcraft subscriber numbers continue to fall

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World of Warcraft subscriber numbers are becoming a regular feature every time a financial report is issued by Activision Blizzard. Included in the recent stock buyback press announcement are the latest subscriber figures.

Back in May the numbers had dropped to 8.3 million subscribers which was down from 9.6 back in February. Today’s latest figures reveal a further decline for the MMO with players numbers now down at 7.7 million, a drop of 600,000 in the space of just under two months.

The decline appears to be slightly less than the previous figure for the same period but it’s a little alarming that players continue to drop off at quite a speedy rate. WoW is of course still the number one MMO by a long way and they’re probably not sweating over it too much.

With Blizzard’s Project Titan now delayed until at least 2016, they’ll want to hold on to as many paying WoW players as possible for as long as possible.

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