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World of Warplanes takes you back to flight school in tutorial video

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World of Warplanes‘ open beta is ticking along nicely, and to help educate those who might be hopping into an aircraft for the first time, Wargaming have released the second in their Flight School series of videos to help get everyone up to speed with what they should be doing.

This particular video focuses on the differences between all the different types and classes of planes, and how you should and should not use them.

Disappointingly, it’s not done in an amusing “Do not do this”, “Do not do this”, “Do not do this”, “Do this” sort of way with lots of catastrophic examples of how not to fly, but it does at least have a narrator whose lines sound like they were created by someone just copying and pasting him saying lots of different words until they formed a sentence. Unnatural cadence, ho!

Check out the trailer below. Europeans can sign up for the open beta here, while our American cousins can do so here.