world of warships update 0.5.1

Wargaming have announced that update 0.5.1 for World of Warships will go live tomorrow, Thursday 5th November in North America and the next day in Asia and Europe.

New content includes:

  • Three new maps. “Land of Fire” inspired by South America. “The Trap” modelled on battles between U.S and Japanese fleets (includes active volcano) and “Northern Lights, the first night map.
  • New game mode called “Zone” pits opposing teams against each other for control of a giant base which only becomes available for capture some time into the battle.
  • New Events, Challenges, Missions and Daily Missions.
  • More rewards for Ranked Battles.

Check out the official site and if that all sounds too much to resist it’s free to play so there’s little risk in giving it a shot.  We also reviewed it a couple of weeks ago.

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