World Rally Will Allow Gamers To ‘Feel’ The Car

BlackBean’s forthcoming FIA World Rally Championship promises to offer gamers a ‘thrilling driving experience’ by giving players the chance to ‘feel the inertia of the car through corners’.
The official rally game, which will see an annual update released until 2012, will also boast more than 40 terrains and claims to be both realistic but also accessible to all due to some implemented driving aids.
Speaking to IncGamers, Irvin Zonca, Head of Physics Game Designers at Milestone, said: “The physics have been developed upon real data and with a focus to provide a realistic and thrilling driving experience.
“You can feel the inertia of the car while drifting through the corners, the different grip of more than 40 terrains we have implemented in the game (snow fresh, snow solid, ice, rocky gravel, sandy gravel, wet gravel, tarmac, dirty tarmac, grass, mud and many more…) and enjoy the pleasure of handling a 300hp car through the most beautiful scenarious from all around the world.”
Zonca also told IncGamers the title will come with driving aids to make it accessible to all: “The whole experience will be easily accessible for everyone, because we have implemented a lot of driving aids meant to make the car easier to control but very funny and thrilling at the same time.”

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