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World Ship Simulator from simulation gurus Excalibur Publishing will be launching its early access on Steam next Thursday, 12th November.

World Ship Simulator is set in a ficticious environement but with landmarks drawn from the real world and real-life ports. In the open-world environment players will be able to pilot tugboats, fishing boats, hovercraft, carriers, port boats and luxury yachts. Career Mode will offer some structure to the world by way of missions bespoke to your chosen vessel that will become increasingly more difficult as you progress up the career ladder, unlocking more challlenges. Day and night cycles and weather conditions (not all blue skies I’m betting) will up the realism of navigating the high seas.

Excalibur plan to continue adding new features with additional ships already in development but for now the Early Access will have to do you. We’re told there will be a free default mode that allows you sail around all the environs available and practise controlling and stearing in different weather conditions.  You can find some more info and media on their Steam page, here’s a few shots however.

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