The final Guild Wars 2 beta weekend is approaching like an onrushing Charr, so now is a reasonable time for Arenanet to reveal a few more bits of information about the ‘World vs World’ multiplayer mode. According to a new blog post on their site, the WvW in the previous beta weekend had its fair share of problems and bugs that the team will be looking to fix for this upcoming event.

Obviously, this will still be a beta so issues should be expected, but the developer states that matchmaking should work a lot more smoothly now.

When the game launches in August, WvW matches will “initially use the 24-hour match format until world populations settle down a bit”. As soon as worlds begin to match up with other worlds of similar strength, this will switch to a two week duration cycle. In WvW players from three different servers do battle in ‘the Mists’, providing the opportunity for open-world combat between hundreds of people.

In order to maximise the number of people involved in each WvW event, the final beta weekend will reduce the number of servers being used. According to Arenanet’s lead server programmer, this is because “Quite frankly, we made too many worlds for [beta weekend 2] just because we could and not because we should”.

A long list of the servers that’ll be up can be read below:

NA ServersEU Servers
Anvil RockAbaddon’s Mouth [DE]
BlackgateAugury Rock [FR]
Borlis PassAurora Glade
Crystal DesertBlacktide
DarkhavenBoreal Station
Ehmry BayDesolation
Fort AspenwoodElona Reach [DE]
Gate of MadnessFar Shiverpeaks
Henge of DenraviFissure of Woe
Isle of JanthirFort Ranik [FR]
Jade QuarryGandara
MaguumaGunnar’s Hold
Sanctum of RallJade Sea [FR]
Sea of SorrowsKodash [DE]
Sorrow’s FurnaceLakeside County
Stormbluff IslePiken Square
Tarnished CoastRing of Fire
Yak’s BendRiverside [DE]
Ruins of Surmia
Seafarer’s Rest
Umbral Grotto
Whiteside Ridge

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