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Over a decade ago, I first held in my hands a copy of Max Brooks’ World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War. The novel was, perhaps, one of the best I’ve ever read around that time. It captured a sense of drama, tragedy, scares, and rip-roaring action as you followed multiple characters in their journeys across a devastated planet. Fast forward to a few years later when Hollywood had its own adaptation of the novel which, quite frankly, made me roll my eyes. The upcoming World War Z video game by Saber Interactive will also be heavily-inspired by the film. Rather than following Brad Pitt around, new characters from across the globe will be introduced, all of whom are trying their best to survive this dead world. The latest trailer featuring “The Horde” gives us a glimpse of that.

World War Z – The Horde

We already know that World War Z will be a four-player coop shooting game in the vein of the Left 4 Dead franchise. Just like Left 4 Dead, the cast of characters will be journeying through bombed-out cities, factories, sewers, and what looks to be a shipwreck. Just like Left 4 Dead, it will feature fast and frantic shooting to take down massive waves of undead.

Unlike Left 4 Dead, however, what’s fairly telling about World War Z is that the horde of0 limitless undead can number in the hundreds at a given time. As you can see in the trailer, the dead and the rotting start cascading like a waterfall all to swarm around you. At first glance, this horde is numerically more vast than the classic Valve game. All of that just give us some terrifyingly good scares — like an endless sea of ravenous beasts eager to eat our brains is after us.

World War Z also promises to have “dynamic swarm simulation” and “adaptive spawn control” which seems like another fancy way of saying “AI Director.” The system has been in place in Left 4 Dead along with games like Vermintide. The Director controlled enemy spawns and horde attacks to keep the pacing of your adventure. We can only hope that the game does give us the scares and the action when it releases later this year.



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