Worms: Crazy Golf to be released next week

If it seems like only a few weeks since the last Worms game was released, that’s because it was.
Mind you, Worms: Crazy Golf looks and sounds like it’ll (thankfully) be a different beast to the dreadful Worms: Ultimate Mayhem. For a start, it’s in 2D – hurrah! On the slightly more questionable side, Crazy Golf looks like a puzzle-based spin-off with very little environmental (or even wormomental) destruction. Hmm.
The proof, of course, will be in the playing, and this can be done from next week. 19 October to be precise, when Worms: Crazy Golf will be released on PC and iDevices. A PS3 version is said to be following in a couple of weeks.
Here’s a trailer of some Worms golfing action in some pirate caverns.