Worms Rumble Open Beta Begins The Weekend With Explosive Action1

Back in July, the world was introduced to the latest entry of the long-running Worms franchise in the form of Worms Rumble. The series has certainly seen some changes to its formula, but none more radical than for the upcoming game. The titular worms will be controllable in real-time, and a battle royale mode will be added as well. In order to let fans get a taste of what to expect, a Worms Rumble open beta will happen this weekend.

Apart from the familiar deathmatch mode that has allowed worms to kill each other over the many years, the battle royale is certainly something to look out for. There is no more of the turn-based movement and strategizing. The Worms Rumble open beta will let 32 players loose in a fight to the death. Now, instead of watching your death unfold, you can take control of your destiny. Bazooka shots and dynamite can now be used in real-time instead.

Based on the latest trailer, players will have fewer weapons to play with this time around. At least you still have the ability to unleash an explosive sheep on the battlefield though.

A stark departure

Being able to move in real-time will definitely open up more avenues to cause destruction. There are vents, cubicles, and even buildings to help you hide from your foes. Utilize traps to your advantage, or ambush the opposition with a surprise attack.

Worms Rumble Open Beta Begins The Weekend With Explosive Action2

Of course, now that you do not have to wait around, staying mobile will be very important. Shifting positions, rolling, and wall jumping will keep you safer than usual, but do keep an eye on your stamina gauge. Using the Jetpack and Grapple Gun can even take you to heights previously thought impossible.

No matter how you feel about this shift in design, the Worms Rumble open beta will give you a taste before the game’s launch. The game launches December 1 on Steam.


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