The public test realms for World of Warcraft’s upcoming patch 3.3 have revealed another new feature that Blizzard are introducing, a brand new Looking For Group system.The current system only allows players to sign up for three instances at a time, and permits players to browse through a list of other players to find suitable members for the group. The new system allows players to sign up for every instance in the game, once they are high enough level to be able to enter them. The lists of players has been done away with – WoW will automatically match up players seeking to run the instances, based on what they sign up as; a healer, DPS or tank. When the whole party is ready, everyone will be teleported to the instance, instead of having to wait for a summon as players do now.If you need a bit more encouragement to blindly go joining groups instead of handpicking your team mates, players will be rewarded 49g and two Emblems of Triumph for the first random normal instance they complete each day, and 68g and two Emblems of Frost (the new currency in the upcoming patch) for the first random heroic instance they complete each day.You can read more about this and see a video and pictures of the new system on our WoW channel, or discuss the changes in detail in the forum thread, where we are gathering feedback for Blizzard.

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