WoW Patch 3.3.2 Released

Blizzard Entertainment has released the latest patch for World of Warcraft, introducing many instance changes, alterations to healing in PvP, resilience and of course, the Lich King is now accessible.

Several WotLK instances have had boss fights and other elements simplified, reducing the number of times that a special ability is used, speeding up the time the instance takes to run. For example, in the Old Kingdom, Elder Nadox now only gets one Ahn’Kahar Guardian during the encounter down from three,  Jadoga Shadowseeker now only ascends once during the encounter instead of three times and several enemies in that tricky area between the Befouled Terrace and The Desecrated Altar have been removed or had their pathing altered.

Patch 3.3.2 also brings in class changes for Druids, Shamans, Warlocks and Warriors, including a nice buff to the Devastate ability. See the full patch notes here.

If you like spoilers, the cut-scene that runs when the Lich King is defeated can be seen here.

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