Wreckfest holiday update DLC THQ Nordic

‘Tis the season to crash into other cars and create a disaster. Okay, maybe not in real life, but it still beats sitting around with the in-laws playing Yahtzee! THQ Nordic has announced a new holiday update for the arcade-style racing game Wreckfest, which is available now. In it, you’ll find a slew of free additions to the racer, along with a new car pack, packing some heavy monsters.

What’s in the free Wreckfest holiday update?

First off, there are two new tracks to race through. They look like a lot of fun, though you will need to bring your driving skills to stay in one piece. In addition, multiplayer event voting is included, so you can decide on what tracks you want to race on next. There are also player-hosted public servers, so you can set up your own custom racing events however you see fit. And finally, you can decide how you want your car to look in-between races, thanks to car customization being available in the lobby.

The update is free. However, if you want to add a little oomph to your garage, consider the Modified Monsters Car Pack. Going for $3.99, this pack features five backyard build vehicles to make you go hog-wild! These include a crazy monster truck, a fully loaded military pickup, a sweet little mini racing car, a rubber-burning dragster, and a “pig car,” if that’s your thing. You can buy the pack now or download it if you already have the Season Pass.

Check out the Wreckfest trailer below, which has a lot of racing fun in store. And while you’re at it, you can pick up THQ’s Wreckfest now over on Steam. Did we mention that it also makes for an ideal holiday gift? Sure beats buying a sweater or fruitcake. Or a sweater with fruitcake on it.

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