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WWE '13
PC Invasion

Wrestle with this Steve Austin special edition of WWE ’13

One of WWE’s most famous faces, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, will be lending his image to a special edition of THQ’s WWE ’13. The ‘Austin 3:16’ Special Edition will be available to pre-order for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and includes the following set of items to wrestle out of the box:

  • An embossed box, featuring the Steve Austin skull emblem.
  • In-game red t-shirt with the same skull emblem on it.
  • An ATV ring entrance, which is exactly what it sounds like.
  • A bit of card with a picture on it signed by the man himself.
  • A DVD entitled Stone Cold Steve Austin: The Bottom Line on the Most Popular Superstar of All Time.
  • Access to Mike Tyson (hang on, he was a boxer … oh well) as a playable character.

WWE ’13 is due for release on 2 November. You can see images of most of the above in the gallery that follows.