Wuthering Waves Wuthering Exploration Event Rewards And Tasks Explained
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Wuthering Waves: Wuthering Exploration event rewards and tasks, explained

Simple surveys.

The Wuthering Exploration event in Wuthering Waves will give players a chance to earn a bevy of rewards by completing tasks. Let’s review how to complete all the tasks available to earn the most rewards possible.

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All Wuthering Exploration event rewards and tasks in Wuthering Waves

Running from June 13-27, the Wuthering Exploration event will have players complete tasks to earn Survey Points. The only prerequisite to unlocking this event is to reach Union Level 14. You can then turn these Survey Points into rewards such as Astrites and EXP items. Here are all the rewards available:

  • x800 Astrite
  • x1 Malleable Elite Class Echo I
  • x1 Malleable Elite Class Echo II
  • x30 Premium Sealed Tube
  • x100 Premium Tuner
Wuthering Waves Wuthering Exploration Event Rewards And Tasks Explained Survey
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You’ll obtain two Survey Tasks to complete which reset every day. Each task will grant you 10 Survey Points, and after certain milestones, you can use your Survey Points to obtain rewards. From the options below, your two daily tasks will be randomized daily. Here are all the possible tasks available to you throughout the event:

  • Consume any dish one time.
  • Consume any Potion one time.
  • Upgrade any Resonator one time (not Ascend, just level up once).
  • Obtain one piece of Raw Meat (kill a wild animal).
  • Upgrade any Weapon one time.
  • Defeat five enemies.

As you can tell, these daily tasks are quite simple to complete and shouldn’t take you any time whatsoever. For now, these are the only Survey Tasks we know about, but there may be more. The only tricky one is about consuming a Potion, which is strange since Wuthering Waves doesn’t have Potions.

Wuthering Waves Wuthering Exploration Event Rewards And Tasks Explained Glitch
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Otherwise, the rest of the tasks should be easy to comprehend, allowing you to gain all the rewards in no time. Unfortunately, some players have experienced a strange bug where their Survey Tasks won’t appear on their event page. You should be able to fix this glitch by restarting Wuthering Waves.

Other than the Wuthering Exploration event, another event going on as of writing is the Alloy Smelt event. You’ll come by plenty of similar rewards through this event as well.

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