Clues that WWE 2K15 was coming to the PC have been popping up since September last year, so it’s not a huge surprise that the game is now confirmed for our platform.

The announcement comes via (and they should know, really,) who say that the PC version of WWE 2K15 will be released “this Spring.” We’re in Spring right now, and Summer is generally considered to start around May (I think) – so that suggests a release date should be coming fairly soon.

As sometimes happens with PC versions, all the DLC will be bundled up as a free part of the package. According to the article, that equates to “36 extra characters, 4 new managers, 26 matches, 46 entire single player stories and cut scenes in 2K Showcase, and a whole lot more.”

The piece also makes reassuring noises that none of the mechanics or features present in the console release will be missing from the PC version.

Of course the main reason to be potentially interested in WWE 2K15 on PC is the modding potential. The announcement article doesn’t say anything about that, but hopefully this will be possible to some degree.

Oh, there’s also some kind of ‘day one’ purchase bonus, described as “immediate access to two versions of Sting and two of Hulk Hogan.” I’m guessing that’s not Sting from The Police, sadly.

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