Wwe 2k20 Launch Fixwwe2k20 Hashtag

WWE 2K20 just launched and the #FixWWE2K20 hashtag started trending

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WWE 2K20 is the latest title in the long-running pro-wrestling franchise. It’ll be a game with many firsts such as having a MyCareer mode for both male and female superstars, and a women’s superstar (Becky Lynch) as one of the cover athletes. It’s also the first WWE 2K game in a long while that isn’t developed by Yuke’s. The studio parted ways and 2K had to bring in one of its own dev teams, Visual Concepts. The studio assisted Yuke’s with its wrestling games, but is mostly behind 2K’s NBA 2K series. Things haven’t turned out as planned. WWE 2K20 might be in need of urgent changes given the #FixWWE2K20 hashtag that started trending after the game’s launch.

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You can check some of the tweets below containing the hashtag:

WWE 2K20 fans clamor for fixes

Texture clipping, animation glitches, horrendous combinations when editing wrestlers, targetting issues, and more have marred WWE 2K20‘s launch. In fact, some problems were already brought up prior to the game’s release.

Promotional materials had been released a few weeks prior, coinciding with a small event where 2K brought in “digital influencers” to check out the game. Fans were treated to oddities such as Bianca Belair’s hair physics (you can see a comparison between her entrances in WWE 2K19 and WWE 2K20), as well as obvious graphical downgrades.

It seems the departure of Yuke’s created a vacuum that Visual Concepts wasn’t able to fill in time for the game’s release. The question is why it was released in this state in the first place.

WWE 2K20 is currently available on Steam, and it’s already got “very negative” user reviews. We’ll also have our WWE 2K20 review within the week. I’ve actually considered purchasing the game directly since, oddly enough, we haven’t received our review code. At the very least, we’ll be able to see for ourselves just how bad things are, and if this launch has become a botch of epic proportions.

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