Wwe 2k20 Bump In The Night Dlc The Fiend

WWE 2K20 is far from being a decent game due to numerous bugs, glitches, and other problems. It does have something that fans might be looking forward to, and that’s the Bump in the Night DLC which adds The Fiend as a playable character. The DLC is one of the “2K Originals” thematic add-ons. This one is all about campy horror tropes just in time for Halloween.

Speaking of campiness, owning the Bump in the Night DLC will lead to an intro courtesy of The New Day:

Bitn Intro New Day

WWE 2K20: Bump in the Night DLC

The Bump in the Night DLC, an ode to Halloween, feels like a meta in-joke. Creatures that “go bump in the night” are a common saying in the horror genre. In pro-wrestling, “taking a bump” simply means falling down the mat to simulate getting dropped or hit by an opponent. As for WWE 2K20, we can say that the game has had a very “bumpy” start. You can read our official review and technical review which list down all the issues encountered.

What exactly can you expect from it? Well, for starters, there’s The Fiend. Bray Wyatt’s newfound persona or gimmick has proven to be quite a hit with many fans. You can watch The Fiend’s SummerSlam entrance to feel the fear, tension, and surprise from the audience:

Thing is, owning the Bump in the Night DLC won’t make The Fiend automatically playable in other WWE 2K20 modes. You’ll have to unlock him first. This is also regardless of having the Accelerator DLC which simply unlocks the “vanilla” or base game content outside of anything from MyCareer.

The Fiend and other unlockables are rewards from completing various towers and challenges in the DLC. One would have you using Finn Balor, who’ll eventually earn his “Demon King” persona. Another has you playing as “Final Girl” Mandy Rose (sort of like a blonde bombshell heroine of 80s flicks). You’ll also find more rewards such as “zombified” versions of characters like Cesaro and Sami Zayn, a Frankenstein version of Braun Strowman, and even a “spiky monster” version of Aleister Black. Cue Michael Cole talking about how “moody” he is because of all those protrusions.

Wwe 2k20 Bump In The Night Dlc The Fiend

The Fiend and Friends

From a glance, the only new character you’ll have is The Fiend. By “new character,” we mean someone with an entirely different gimmick and theme, a slightly varied moveset, and something that’s grounded in WWE programming. Everyone else is just a reskin or an over-the-top rendition.

If reskins of WWE 2K20 superstars aren’t your thing, then the Bump in the Night DLC also has additional features, such as arenas. There’s one where you can fight in a graveyard complete with tombstones that you can interact with. Another example is the Wyatt Compound’s Swamp area. If there’s a referee or a crowd of onlookers in these arenas, you can expect them to be undead as well.

You’ll also find ringside weapons such as jack-o’-lanterns, candy canes, and the Book of the Dead. There are various wrestler attire parts and additional movesets. There’s also a silly “Lord of Darkness” championship which you can assign to a character. That might help because the image uploader still doesn’t let you save any logos or photos, and the create-a-championship feature hasn’t been re-added to the game yet.

Bitn Balor Zombie

WWE 2K20‘s Bump in the Night DLC can be found on Steam. It’s also part of the Backstage Pass (season pass) and the deluxe edition of the game. Those who (unluckily) pre-ordered this disappointing title will have access to the DLC as well.

For more info about WWE 2K20, you can check out our guides and features hub.

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