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WWE 2K22 is the newest offering in the long-running pro-wrestling franchise. With the nightmare of WWE 2K20 and the tedium of WWE 2K Battlegrounds behind us, it’s time for the latest iteration to take the spotlight. Our WWE 2K22 guides and features hub has everything you need to know about the Creation Suite and various modes.

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WWE 2K22 guides and features hub

Official reviewWWE 2K22 doesn’t have a very high bar to clear. So, did Visual Concepts manage to exceed expectations to deliver a good product, or is this going to be a repeat of the disappointments that we experienced from recent releases?

Create a Superstar/CAW guide – The Creation Suite aims to help you beef up your roster. Here’s our WWE 2K22 guide to help you upload face photos/logos and do edits as you make your own wrestler/CAW.

Create a custom render/portrait – A big change this year is the ability to create a custom render. No longer will you be relegated to just the default poses or expressions. Now, you can find a real-world photo of a wrestler (or yourself) and make that into something that shows up in the character selection or match-up screens.

MyGM/GM Mode – GM Mode has been a feature of past SmackDown vs. Raw games. Now, you’ll have a chance to try it out. You’ll select a GM and a brand, followed by several weeks of booking shows, hiring free agents/legends, and managing your budget so you can defeat your rival in the ratings.

MyRise/Career Mode – Career Mode has undergone a significant change. It’s more open-ended, as you can select the challenges and storylines that you’ll partake in. You start as a rookie in the Performance Center before joining a brand as part of the main roster.

WWE 2K22 is available via Steam.

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