X: Rebirth has now been out for so long and has been patched and updated so many times, that it might be worth trying out of mere curiosity. You can do so, for free, next weekend on Steam.

From 13 to 15 March, all X games (including X: Rebirth) will be having one of those free Steam weekend things. They’re pretty big, complex space games, so if you do fancy trying one out over the freebie weekend I’d recommend just picking one and sticking with it. X3: Terran Conflict is probably the best of the bunch I’ve played (though I never tried Albion Prelude.)

From today, X: Rebirth in its various forms (with DLC, collector’s editions etc) will be getting a permanent Steam price cut too.

To coincide with the 13 March free weekend, Patch 3.50 for X: Rebirth will be released. Full patch notes don’t seem to be up on the Egosoft forums just yet, so here are some highlights from the press release.

New generic missions and new uupkeep missions for easier station management.
New ships: The new Onnil mining ships available in the Canteran shipyard in DeVries.
New “Container Magnet” which helps to attract nearby collectables to the player ship.
Easier navigation through textt search field in map.
New FXAA graphics option.
Improved station manager and station owned ship trade behaviour.
Improved balancing and accuracy of combat calculations when player is not present.
Improved response of player owned stations to nearby player ships being attacked.
Completely reworked Russian localisation.
Improved support for UI-modding.

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