X Rebirth mods

Not sure we can mod that collision.

We know that X Rebirth is in a bad way right now but there’s a loyal community of fans that hope the game will be fixed by Egosoft, which over time could happen.

We’ve talked about unfinished games a lot this year on IncGamers, apparently releasing unfinished games is the latest trend in 2013 and Egosoft are certainly not the only culprits. But as a gamer and consumer what can you do?

There’s the chance that a refund could be offered, but let’s be realistic, that doesn’t happen too often. You’re usually offered something else to make up for the fact you were sold faulty goods and that’s probably the best outcome you can expect.

With refunds not forthcoming you can sit and wait, put the game down and move on to something else until the bugs are sorted out. No doubt you’ll spot it in your Steam Library a few months down the line and then maybe give it another try in the hope that it’s been fixed.

There is a final option, and this is looking like the best solution for the game at the moment, start using the X Rebirth mods.

The advantage of PC gaming is the ability to fix and enhance an already existing game if you have the passion and time, assuming the developers let you. And in X Rebirth’s case, the will power. If there’s one thing to be taken from the X Rebirth launch mess it’s that there’s a highly loyal and passionate community of X fans that would desperately love to see the game meet their expectations.

We’re sure Egosoft are working hard to address many of the problems but we’re an impatient bunch and a collective of modders can make things happen fast.

There is still the dilemma of whether gamers should spend the time fixing a game when the lovely cash has already ended up in the developer’s pocket. The X community appear split on this. Some say why bother? Why should we spend our free time fixing something that should never have been broken in the first place? On the other hand there are members of the community who just want to play the game and are willing to spend time creating mods.

When the game launched a few days ago it didn’t take long for budding modders to start getting stuck into code in an attempt to fix bugs and make enhancements. This is where a community can shine  and there appears to be dedicated members of the X community willing to give it a try.

Of course many of the problems can unlikely be addressed by mods, but the X Rebirth community is having a good crack at it. Here’s some of the X Rebirth mods currently released , some of which are still being worked on.

This is a good start. While some of the mods won’t affect many of the game-breaking issues, “Patches up Yisha breasts” being a good example, they could at least make the game more enjoyable until Egosoft release more official fixes in the weeks and even months ahead.

To assess how shonky the game is, I asked Peter last night how he was getting on with the review and he said he’d actually moved on to something else over the weekend because it was hit an miss whether the game would launch on Steam due to the updates that were being applied by Egosoft. Fear not though, we are back on the case with a review from later today.

Keep an eye on the X forums and Steam forums for more updates from Egosoft and thank the modders for attempting to make the game a more pleasurable experience.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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