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    Performance fixes are mentioned too, so maybe it runs a little better.

    Egosoft appears to be sticking fairly well to a “one new patch per week” schedule as it attempts to wrestle X Rebirth into being a decent, playable game. You can see their ongoing progress in this thread, and also take a look at the latest patch notes (reproduced below) for update 1.20.

    1.20 appears to include a few fixes for player-owned ships (trade ships in particular,) along the lines of “Fixed trade ships getting stuck after upgrade” and “Fixed player trade ships trying to trade with enemy stations.” I have no idea if the game’s economy has progressed beyond the horrible state it was in when I reviewed the title, but I suspect it can’t have got worse. Hopefully.

    Anyhow, here are the notes from X Rebirth update 1.20.

    Patch 1.20 – 2013-12-17
    • Fixed several more causes of crashes and freezes.
    • Fixed mouse controls not working after loading certain savegames.
    • Fixed trade ships getting stuck after upgrade.
    • Fixed skipping trade menu when going back to it.
    • Fixed graphics options not setting correct shaders.
    • Fixed missing build notifications from architects in other sectors.
    • Fixed player trade ships trying to trade with enemy stations.
    • Fixed menus showing out of date info about build progress.
    • Fixed trades in another sector taking too long.
    • Fixed upkeep mission to deliver architect to builder ship not ending.
    • Fixed player ships not being returned during plot missions (will not re-create ships already lost, sorry).
    • Improved ship movement in certain situations.
    • Improved logic for station owned miners.
    • Cell Recharge (fuel) stations in Omicron Lyrae now require Bofu instead of Food Rations.
    • Various performance improvements (should be most noticeable when shadows are NOT enabled).

    Peter Parrish

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