X Rebirth updated to 2.20, brings 64-bit version

x rebirth (2)

That’s a tunnel to a 64-bit future. Probably.

If you ever looked at X Rebirth and thought “hmm, well, okay, but I wish this .exe had double the number of bits” then you’re in luck my friend. The latest update to Egosoft’s troubled space simulator and highway driving title makes the 64-bit .exe the default launcher for the game.

Should you still need to use the 32-bit version (for example if that’s the only one you can actually run), then here are the helpful instructions you should follow to make that glorious desire a reality.

To start using the 32-bit version. right-click X Rebirth in the Steam client, select Properties and go to the Betas tab then select release_32 from the dropdown list. If you are running a 32-bit version of Windows you will automatically receive the 32-bit version of the game, though such Windows versions remain unsupported.

It’s also advised that if you save your game in the 64-bit version of the game, you should only use that save with the 64-bit release. Trying to load it in the 32-bit version would just be weird because it would be like crossing the streams in Ghostbusters or something. It’s just a bad scene man, don’t even bother.

Switching to a 64-bit .exe is rather helpful, as it removes the memory limitations (4GB if I recall correctly) of 32-bit stuff.

That’s the main change in version 2.20 of X Rebirth, but here are the other fixes and updates:

• Fixed Secret Service missions constantly reminding player to talk to mission actor.
• Fixed campaign progressing unexpectedly when docking at station.
• Fixed player occasionally being in wrong position on platform when loading savegame.
• Fixed trade offers on player ships/stations occasionally not appearing in trade menu.
• Fixed claimed ships not showing up in property menu.
• Fixed ships continuing to move when ordered to wait.
• Fixed trade orders not being executed when ship has been ordered to wait.
• Fixed various cases of drones being unable to dock/return.
• Fixed missing docking bay on Wheat Plantation.
• Fixed missing container storage on Pharma-Spice Farm.
• Fixed missing MK2 weapons after completing plot (you may need to change zones before this kicks in).
• Fixed map not showing player stations.
• Fixed incorrect positions of some elements on map.
• Fixed menu slider controls breaking under certain circumstances.
• Fixed controls no longer working when opening ability menu on a platform.
• Fixed controller A-button not working after having left the cockpit while an interactive notification was displayed.
• Fixed station under construction becoming invisible after Alt-Tab.
• Fixed a leak causing savegames to grow slowly in size over time.
• Fixed several causes of occasional crashes.