During today’s X4 live stream the development team covered some of the new features that will appear in the next installment.

    Egosoft is still undecided how they will release the game and are staying tight lipped on a final release date at the moment but it is slated for 2018. Egosoft did say that there will be a closed beta test but were not sure if they will bring X4 to early access or not. If they do decide to go that route, they would treat Early Access as an open beta test.

    They also talked more about the features which will include the ability to fly all ships in the game and players will seamlessly be able to walk to and from ships in space stations. Players will also be able to teleport between ships in their fleet once the technology has been researched. This gives players the opportunity to see what’s going on and take direct control.

    In X4, races will also be able to expand their empires which is a first for the X series and Egosoft is promising a dynamic universe where players actions influence everything within it. They are aiming for a living breathing universe. 10 factions have been confirmed for the game.

    Stations can now be constructed from modules such as production, living quarters and more. All this can be can be managed from the new map system.

    There will be multiple gamestarts as a number of different characters, each with their own role and personal story which is an introduction to the game. Players will then move in any direction they wish when developing their role and character in the universe.

    The new simulated economy promises to be the most detailed yet with the NPC economy being based on resources and manufacturing. The AI will help set the prices and develop the economy in the living universe.

    Players wondering if they will release X4with VR support will be disappointed to hear that VR will not be supported. Egosoft says that adding VR support would hamper what they could achieve with the game which why they released the standalone X Rebirth VR. If they do add VR, they say it may be a separate game or offered as a bundle.

    X4 is sounding rather good, and with any luck, Egosoft will have learned from their mistakes in previous X games and X4 will have a smooth launch on 2018.

    Although the full presentation has not yet been archived, there are plenty of clips to check out from the event. Update: There’s now an announcement trailer too (below).

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