Previously Cancelled Xbox 360 Goldeneye Remake Emerges On Pc (2)

First-person shooters were not exactly a big thing on consoles back in the day. The arrival of GoldenEye changed things though, and the cult classic certainly helped inspire the many shooters that have followed. The 1997 hit was supposedly planned to return as an HD remaster in 2008, but conflicts over rights meant the Xbox Live Arcade release was cancelled. That said, things rarely stay lost. 12 years later, a playable build of the Xbox 360 GoldenEye remake is now available on PC via emulation.

Just last week, a two hour video of gameplay was uploaded onto YouTube. It shows off what is in the port, which is more than anything we have ever seen from the GoldenEye remake. Following its appearance, rumors began to swirl over a nearly final ROM making its way around. More importantly, the leaked build has a completely remastered campaign and multiplayer.


The build has since been verified, and fans are now enjoying a once lost GoldenEye remake.

For those yearning for the looks of yesteryear, the remake definitely caters to that particular visual style. You can also easily toggle between the newer HD visuals and the older Nintendo 64 graphics. That is almost a staple nowadays. Had the GoldenEye remake made its release though, it would have been the first to do this.

A piece of nostalgia

Of course, not all of the bells and whistles made it into this build. There is no online multiplayer, while speedrunning achievements and leaderboards are missing. Otherwise, this is a proper experience for those looking to relive their younger days or try something new.

The failure of the GoldenEye remake was down to licensing issues. According to composer Grant Kirkhope, the many stakeholders meant that agreements were hard to come by. In the end, the project made no sense with the increasing costs and lack of cohesion.

Thankfully, with the help of emulators, you can experience GoldenEye all over again.

Previously Cancelled Xbox 360 Goldeneye Remake Emerges On Pc

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