Xbox Bethesda E3 2022 online

We all knew that Microsoft and Bethesda were going to have a presence at E3 this year. But now we know what day, when, and for how long. The Xbox and Bethesda E3 showcase will go live at 1 PM ET on June 13, bringing you 90 minutes of announcements and trailers. And it will also very likely bring us that unnamed voice yelling “WORLD PREMIERE” every five minutes — just in case you start nodding off during the event. You have to pay attention to those premieres if you want to stay in the game.

What should we expect to see during the Xbox and Bethesda E3 showcase? Well, according to the announcement, the event will cover the games born from the storied marriage between Xbox and Bethesda. Games coming out this holiday will also be featured, as well as the upcoming releases for Xbox Game Pass.


The list of games will likely include a mix of what’s expected and possibly a couple surprises. Halo: Infinite will probably get a new gameplay trailer, hopefully showing off the improvements 343 Industries made to the graphics engine. The next Forza game should also make an appearance, and we should learn where it’ll take us. We are, however, keeping our fingers crossed for a first look at Bethesda’s Starfield, which has been steeped in intrigue since its 2018 reveal. According to recent reports, Starfield is “nowhere near done,” but should be present at the showcase. However, a release date announcement isn’t likely. Finally, we may see a bit more on the new Fable, which so far has only been teased.

xbox bethesda e3 showcase june 2021

Starfield may be seen officially for the first time in June.

Halo, Starfield, and plenty of WORLD PREMIEREs

Despite any possible doubts, Starfield should be present at the show in one form or another. In the artwork shared by Xbox, we see a planet taking up a good amount of real estate opposite of a group of Spartans. The planet part is reminiscent of the one we saw in the original Starfield teaser trailer. If you’re looking for your hint, this one is fairly blatant.

We’ll know for sure once the Xbox and Bethesda E3 showcase kicks off next month. You can watch it at multiple places, including YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, and Facebook. Microsoft also announced a digital fanfest, and you can sign up to learn more today.

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