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If you’re a member of the Xbox Game Pass service for Windows PC, you’ve got some great games coming your way. Today, Microsoft announced on its Xbox Wire page that three big titles will join the service this month. In addition, a beta for its March release, Bleeding Edge, will also kick off soon.

Ready for Final Fantasy and Wolfenstein goodness?

First up, on February 6, there’s Final Fantasy XV. This legendary role-playing adventure from Square Enix provides an all-new take on storytelling and adventure. Players will master heavy combat and innovative gameplay while also enjoying the exquisite visuals fans have come to expect. And considering this is the Windows PC edition, it should be the highest quality possible.

Next up is Death’s Gambit. Though it doesn’t currently have a date, it’s expected to come to Xbox Game Pass sometime around February 20, if not sooner. This thrilling 2D action platformer is jam-packed with role-playing elements. You play Death’s right hand as you make your way into the heart of Siradon. Can you overcome enemies and purge their souls, or will you succumb to the eternal struggle?

Last but not least, there’s Wolfenstein: Youngblood, which also currently doesn’t have a date. Again, it’s expected to arrive on Xbox Game Pass sometime around the second half of the month. In this new entry to the first-person shooting series, players control B.J. Blazkowicz’s daughters as they hunt Nazis in the 1980s. With a rad soundtrack and co-op support, Youngblood easily deserves a spot on your playlist.

As for the Bleeding Edge beta, fans will be able to try out Ninja Theory’s latest between February 14-16. In it, they’ll join up on 4v4 teams as they take on opponents in electrifying brawling fashion. 

Interested in the Xbox Game Pass program for PC? You can learn more about signing up on the official page. Currently, Microsoft has a promotion where you can get the first three months for just $1.

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