Xbox Game Pass for PC getting Saints Row IV and more soon

Saints Row 4 bad north dirt rally cities skylines

Xbox Games Pass for PC is about to bolster its ranks, as today’s Inside Xbox stream revealed four more games. However, Microsoft noted that these games are not available yet, but they will be “in the coming weeks.”

Coming to Xbox Games Pass is Saints Row IV: Re-Elected. In the game, you starred as Saints gang leader and now president of the United States (alright, go on). As the elected leader of the free world, you gain super powers and fight aliens and zombies, all the while enjoying the occasional shootout in the streets, as you are wont to do.

Next is Cities: Skylines, or, as many call it, the game that SimCity (2013) wishes it could be. Skylines is one of the most critically acclaimed city builders available for PC. The game knocked SimCity off its lofty perch as the building game to own. Our own Paul Younger loved it in his review, saying “Cities: Skylines is by far the finest city builder that’s been created for many, many  years. It’s a must-have game for anyone who loves the genre.” Cities: Skylines – Campus is the latest expansion for the game. And you know what? We liked it, too.

Cities: Skylines saints row iv 4 bad north xbox game pass dirt rally

Cities: Skylines is where it’s at if you love city building games.

But that’s not all

The final two games coming to the Xbox Games Pass are Dirt Rally 2.0 and Bad North. Dirty Rally released on PC in February this year. The rally racer boasts more than 50 cars and six real-world locations, taking you from New Zealand to Spain. Bad North actually released as a First on Discord game nearly a year ago, but now it’s making its way to a new home. The roguelike real-time strategy game features a colorful, minimalist art style. You defend against vikings that constantly try and invade your little island, all the while gaining new followers.

Microsoft didn’t elaborate on exactly when the four games will be available on Xbox Games Pass. But you should expect them within the next month or so.

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