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As you probably already know, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have all decided to stay out of this year’s E3. However, this does not mean that at least one of those companies won’t have a lot of announcements to share this coming summer. On the contrary, the official Xbox Twitter account just confirmed that players will have a new Xbox Games Showcase to look forward to during that time. Additionally, the account announced that fans of Bethesda’s Starfield will receive a separate showcase dedicated to that game. Both the Xbox Games and Starfield 2023 showcases will go live on June 11, with the Starfield one occurring shortly after the Xbox one.

On top of all this, the Xbox account retweeted a newly uploaded Starfield trailer for fans to enjoy. Notably, the trailer revealed a definitive September 6 release date for Starfield, so it won’t take too long before fans finally get their hands on it. The trailer itself remained entirely cinematic, containing several sweeping shots of the game’s grand, literally otherworldly locations.

Xbox Games 2023 showcases bring Starfield

After the trailer concluded, Bethesda’s director and executive producer Todd Howard stepped up for another obligatory appearance. He stated that the Starfield direct will take viewers into Bethesda’s studio and provide an in-depth look into the game and its myriad features. Howard teased that the developers still have a significant amount of information on the game that they have yet to show to fans. Howard also mentioned that “the game has many of the hallmarks that you’d expect from us, but it’s also a very unique experience.”

Note that the Xbox and Starfield showcases will air merely two days before the week of E3 officially kicks off. Considering how jam-packed the Xbox Games Showcases often are, fans of that console should probably expect this upcoming one to turn out about as overwhelming in terms of announcements.

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