Last night the second TV debate took take place in the US  Presidential race with Paul Ryan and Joe Biden going head to head.  XBox LIVE provided a platform for viewers to vote on key issues during the debate with questions that popped up while the debate was on-going.

    The use of XBox LIVE to poll the community is  interesting, and with over 800,000 responses to poll questions during the debate, it gives a good indication on how the younger demographic voters and swing voters are positioned with the candidates at this point.

    There’s still a long way to go, and with Obama’s lacklustre performance last week, Biden needed to come out fighting and the majority of political commentators handed this debate to Democrat Biden.

    Key stats from the Xbox LIVE results are as follows, and below you can see a video on how it all worked:

    • Biden won the debate with Xbox Swing Voters: 44.1% of undecided voters declared Biden the winner with 22.9% choosing Ryan.
    • Biden was overwhelmingly viewed by our swing voters as being more truthful, garnering the favor of 72.2% of undecided respondents.
    • An overwhelming 70.1% of undecided voters do not consider a candidate’s religion when deciding for whom to vote.
    • 53.7% of undecided voters felt that Biden is better prepared to step in as president compared to 21% for Ryan
    SupportWho do you think is more truthful?Who won the debate tonight?
     Joe BidenPaul RyanJoe BidenPaul RyanNot Sure
    Strong Obama48.8%99.1%0.9%95.0%1.2%3.8%
    Leaning Obama4.5%94.7%5.3%82.0%5.0%13.0%
    Leaning Romney3.1%18.8%81.2%16.7%63.0%20.4%
    Strong Romney33.9%2.4%97.6%4.8%84.2%11.0%
    Strong Other3.8%72.9%27.1%52.6%26.4%21.1%

    Paul Younger
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