Microsoft’s re-jigged and re-branded method of offering streaming music through the Xbox 360 launches tomorrow as ‘Xbox Music’. If you have one of those ever-important Gold memberships, it’ll be possible to stream tracks from a library of 30 million songs through your console.

    However, to do that you’ll need to cough up $10 USD to get a ‘Music Pass’. 30 days will be offered as a free trial, but after that you have to pay.

    Xbox Music is also coming to Windows 8 on 26 October (oddly, Microsoft seems to have no plans to bring it to Windows 7). There, you’ll be able to stream an unspecified amount of songs for free, but supported by adverts (rather like Spotify, it sounds like). The $10 USD Music Pass is available here too, giving you ad-free streaming and offline play.

    Tracks will be available to purchase individually through the Xbox Music Store (again, on Windows 8), costing around $1.00 USD apiece.

    Peter Parrish

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