SouthPeak Games and TimeGate Studios, the publisher and developer of Section 8, have announced that the Xbox 360 version will support up to 32 players.Apparently this has caused a lot of issues in the past, with the workaround here being that gamers will be able to set their PCs up as dedicated servers for the console title using X Server functionality.The X Server program will be available free of charge upon the launch of the game, and it’s noted that PC users playing on dedicated servers will have 40 player multiplayer.Without the use of dedicated servers, Xbox 360 players are limited to 16-player online matches, and PC players are down to 32. Naturally, SouthPeak will be hosting a number of official, ranked PC and X servers all over the globe. There’s always the single-player campaign or skirmishes against bots if you don’t fancy playing online, of course.This, we think, means that Section 8 will have one of the highest player counts for a multiplayer mode on a console. Well played, TimeGate.Previously, Section 8 was aiming for 32 players in a single match on console, but at last check they’d only managed to get the count to 16.You can see what we thought of Section 8 when we got our hands on it right here.

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